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Nine Hearts Publishing

Life is a jest; and all things show it,

I thought so once, but now I know it.

John Gay (1685 - 1732)

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Deserted Road

Our Group, Our Story




Three Fingers


Kev Power

Nine Hearts Publishing began in 1991, when a small group of friends began sharing their poems, art, music and stories.  In a short time, it was decided that the work would be brought to a wider audience.  As an act of service; the filí suggested bringing the work to marginalised people, free.  This gradually grew into publishing the same disenfranchised groups, free.  Along the way members were lost, due to retirement, disinclination or death.  Nine Hearts Publishing ceased all activity in 2004.

We are now back!  Contact, publishing and distribution will be done via the old, favored means.  Our website and our catalogue is brought to you thanks to common purpose, metadata, Martin Holroyd, Google, libraries, Nielsen Book Data, and Amazon and their affiliates,

Now no longer actively part of our collective, but still beating within our Nine Hearts: Jen Griffiths, Janet Kelly, Kate Lovejoy, Courtesy Orchis, Louise (RIP), Sarah (RIP), Lorna,  Dave (RIP), Steve (RIP), Mike, Sharon (RIP), Ty H (RIP), Cross Eyed Alice, Peter Coonan (Peter Sutcliffe, RIP), Jane Brown, Mickey Carter (RIP), Jed Davies, James, Matthew Hopkins, Maggie Collins (RIP), Mad Dave Jenkins, KirstyE, Aarght by D.A.K., Simon Harris (Simon Morris, RIP), Mark Cantrell, Tony Allott (RIP), Harry Mack (RIP),  Jonesy (RIP), SteveT.


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