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Real time addition to your news letter, which you may print out and distribute freely, among those of us who have no internet access.

Art by Dylan representing our readers, friends and members.

Library Misrepresentations

July 12, 2021

Many years ago we donated copies of various pamphlets to libraries.  Our members at the time had the experience of being able to use such establishments as safe spaces.  However, it was later brought to our attention that the pamphlets were not being made available and that our readers were not welcome to use libraries.  At this point, as you are aware; our publications ceased being made available to libraries.

Library records have since become widely available and widely copied online, often by fake illegal download and fake illegal book hawkers.  MOST library records are largely to wholly inaccurate.  We, the sole copyright owners, have taken much time away from our more pressing responsibilities, to remedy the situation.  Unfortunately, it would appear that some libraries and book sellers believe that they are beyond reproach.  Indeed, it is almost as if they believe they wrote and own the pamphlets themselves.

That being the case; we will list here all libraries providing misinformation and we invite you to look at our catalogue and/or contact us, as they could've done themselves, to gain fully correct information about any of our past or future titles.  We further invite you to continue to report to us, using the button below, should you locate any further misrepresentations of our works.  

The Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Boston College, USA

Wolverhampton Libraries, UK

The University of Western Australia

ACT Library and Information Centre, Australia

Northumberland Libraries, UK

Bodleian Library, Oxford, UK


To clarify; the details of our publications are those which are stated in our catalogue and are not those stated by uninvolved third parties.  Our publications are not available for sale anywhere and they cannot be obtained from anyone other than ourselves.  All publications remain free.  We do not and never have published any eBooks, nor will we at any time in the future.  Copyright ownership remains with the creator, except in cases where the creator is now deceased.  In such cases; copyright ownership has legally passed to the group as a whole.  

Art by Dylan

Cloudflare and Copyright

June 30, 2021

As a result of the slander, fraud, harassment and denial of basic human rights we have suffered, directly as a result of the sites discussed in the last newsletter; we find ourselves issuing DMCA's.  Some of the sites use a proxy and that proxy is more often than not Cloudflare, who currently refuse to act within the law by refusing to provide the contact details of the real host/s.  This results in the illegal denial of our ability to handle the care and image of our multiple copyrights and with that; your interest in the same.  One of our members spent several weeks humoring them by listening to their outlandish, ill thought out, easily disproven excuses, but this time to no avail.  We have, as a direct result, now reported the matter to the BBB, as a first step.  If you have been negatively affected by Cloudflares' refusal to act within the law, please inform us of the details via the button below.  

Art by Dylan

eBays' Triggering Listings

June 13, 2021

It has been brought to our attention that eBay continue to encourage sellers to list our products for SALE.  While the sellers have understandably removed the material; eBay maintain their ludicrous, senseless right to SELL non-saleable products.  We fully understand that many of you find this triggering.  We would like to make our readers, benefactors, group and interested others aware that we strongly disassociate ourselves from eBay and their attempts to knowingly commit fraud against you.  We would further like to highlight that ALL products remain available at source, from here, from us; FREE.

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